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  • Monk Customs is a small company of family, friends and players which specializes in high quality products for airsoft.  Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a trusted and known name in the airsoft/speedsoft industry worldwide. As the long time main drive of competitive airsoft and sponsor for the world's leading competitive airsoft league, NSL, Monk it is hard to missed out on our work.

  • Using our own CNC milling machines and with a small but dedicated team, we conceptualize, design, prototype and produce our products from start to finish in-house - from the first sketch to the personalized, packaged product delivered to your doorstep! Like the HK Army Synergy , The Valor or our own ESG Sportsgrip

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  • leading

  • As an entrepreneur in that same market, you may have heard about our critically acclaimed ESG sports grip, which has revolutionized the way speedsoft is played around the world. We are proud to offer our ESG sports grip, a product that has set new standards in the world of speedsoft gameplay.


  • More recently, we have brought into the market our own M4-adapter for pistols, such as Hi-capa, Glock, SSX23 and a host of other pistol platforms. These products have garnered rave reviews for their build quality, recognizable design features and simply being built for the sports.  As a reseller, you have the opportunity to offer your customers cutting-edge solutions while boosting your revenue.

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  • modular mounting system

  • MGM is the latest addition to the Monk Customs family of CNC solutions: a modular mounting system, allowing for flexible use in the home or for demanding businesses. Easily swap out a rifle mount for a pistol mount, store mags neatly in the optional mag bracket, and change the direction (left, right or up) with ease. Cerakoted to your needs

  • Competing brackets are mostly plastic which doesn’t bode well for your expensive gear. MGM is high-grade aluminium, tough as nails and looks amazing. You can even personalize the design to fit your logo or name with our lasering service !


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