• cerakote studio

  • As Monk Customs we tend to do as much as possible inhouse. Cerakote beeing no exception. With a full array of color options we can cerakote or re-cerakote it in one production line. Wether it is an M-Adaper, ESG or Receiver we can deliver any wanted color for businesses 1 or 2 tone or with the infamous splatter or RAW finish.

  • Am array of clients that enjoyed and trusted our cerakote studio are:

    - HK ARMY
    - LA CAPA (VOID)

    as well as many requests for players.

  • for business

    For businesses we offer the service to deliver and produce an exclusive range of colors that fit your brand or company only available to your brand or company on top of custom CNC milling designs from our 4 machine line up and our own laser engraving studio to add your own logo or brand to it.

    In his way you can provide your client the Monk Customs experience in your own way without beeing a Monk Customs project to your needs and ideas. Register now with us and become part of our story.