• Innovation, Quality and Production

  • Those are the keywords that distinguish Monk Customs from other airsoft related brands. Uniquely positioned with an in-house CNC machining shop equipped with cutting-edge 5-axis CNC machines, Monk Customs is one of the very few brands that has the capability to bring a product from the drawing table to mass production under one roof. CNC machining, our core competency, involves precision control of cutting tools through computer programming.

  • All of our CNC machines are equipped with 5-axis capabilities, this gives the machine two more axes of movement enabling us to create the most complex and intricate parts - efficiently. The automation of these machines, operational 24/7, not only enhances efficiency but also enables us to meet global demand cost-effectively, ensuring Monk Customs products reach players and retailers worldwide.

  • Quality

    is what we stand for. We measure, inspect and use the highest quality material. All of our products are machined from European-made aluminum. That combined with using the highest quality cutting tools help us achieve tolerances within 0.02 millimeters (0.0007") equivalent to a third of the width of a human hair! At Monk Customs, every team member shares a commitment to continuous improvement, the pursuit of perfection and dedication to innovation.


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