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  • speedsoft as a sports

  • As Monk Customs we have been a crucial part in building a worldwide sports community if not the most crucial cogwheel in creating a worldwide sports.

    From professional referees and field to professional tournament streaming or CNC'ing trophies. Monk Customs has raised the bar and provided a template for fields around the world.

    With partners on each continent as well we are able to stay very close to the sports everywhere.

  • Furthermore it's needless to say a large amount of revenue is invested back into the sport, mostly invisibly and some visibly.

    By either building scoring software or installing camera systems to sponsoring teams and flight tickets, providing gear as well as jerseys in the past to just provide funding to NSL Sports in the present and event support and to create an amazing story to look back upon.

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  • sponsoring

  • By sponsering teams we thrive to help them perform , train and provide support where needed and stay on top. That does not mean by just sending out products but embraces a larger vision for growth of the sports in general.

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  • NGSS

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  • for business

  • Monk Customs is truly involved in the sports in most broad sense. For any business that looks for a partner that is really involved with airsoft and competitive airsoft events and tournaments from the ground up. This is the right place to support and grow airsoft