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  • At Monk Customs, we commit to bringing our custom experience into your business by introducing a customized experience that empowers your brand. Through our dedicated custom b2b platform, we inform, provide and support you every step of the way.

  • From Hong Kong to Los Angeles and Amsterdam to Brisbane, our brand has gained significant recognition as a leading company, innovative, federating as well as known to boost brands that are willing to collaborate with us.

  • Known around the world is Monk Customs' legacy of shaking up the status quo in airsoft. We want to make the fruits of that legacy available to all airsoft and paintball businesses worldwide.

  • the esg sportsgrip

  • Unquestionably, businesses must stay ahead of the curve in order to thrive. Opting for the original leading innovators is a clear-cut decision that should not be overlooked. Embracing the latest chapter in airsoft and introducing it to your clients provides them with an exciting experience and solidifies your reputation as an industry expert. With our dedicated business experience, we offer bespoke services that facilitate seamless collaboration on innovative product development.

  • Our sports grip made a significant impact on the speedsoft industry starting early 2020, especially in relation to HPA and airsoft markers. ESG not only influenced how the game was played, but also brought paintball and airsoft closer together. The introduction of our tankgrip marked a new era in speedsoft.

    While innovating and improving along the way, the grip grew into a nylon 14-degree angled grip and on to the straight aluminium grip of today and has served as an inspiration for other grips on the market.

    We suggest you go for the original.

  • the m-adapter

  • Monk Customs' very own M4 pistol adapter is called M-adapter! M-Adapters enable you to use your HPA M4 mags on your Hi-capa or Glock, connecting your air-hose directly to the adapter. The carefully chosen angle enables close to the ground plays.

    In late 2023, we introduced a straight version of the M-adapter for those who prefer the O.G. angle.

  • M-adapter is available in nylon and aluminium versions.

    Monk Customs M4 adapter is created using high-grade aluminium to achieve that perfect combination of quality, balanced weight and durability.

    The aluminium M-adapter is made to last, resisting wear, even with many mag changes or switching replicas.

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  • design your own

    As a testament to Monk Customs' mission to create for the players, we offer our M-Adapters and ESG as fully customizable items. A wide array of Cerakote colors can be chosen, either as a single color or with a second layer in Monk Customs' signature splatter design.