• the m adapter

  • While renown for our work for the M4 platform our sports driven innovation for pistol can be seen all over the world and has been setting the trend once again.

    Originally aiming at HICAPA and made from nylon 3d print similar to our ESG Sportsgrip it has been extended to Glock. MK23 and SSX as well in most modular designed way and milled at our own CNC studio.

  • With a more sharp angle it allows players to gain more freedom in their gameplay. Getting low to the ground while moving around as well as athletic slides. Positioning the HPA Line on the upper side only comes as logic.

    The newest version is even more light weight and has an area designated for a finishing touch with lasering engraving.

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  • for business

  • For business we sell the m-adapters without a creates the option for businesses to add their own preference to it or service.

  • Custom cerakoted colorways as well as lasering are available to business needs creating a lot of options for business owners to work with. If u want to use an more unique cutout from our CNC get in touch by registering right here.