• Welcome to our new business platform


  • As Monk Customs, we have been part of a fast-changing market with our signature builds, high quality products and constant innovations. Only about four years ago, things started out modestly for Monk Customs, when we saw an opportunity for innovation in competitive airsoft, when the now infamous Ergonomic Sports Grip, in its first iteration, saw first light. Soon after, we noticed a demand far exceeding our expectations at the time.

  • As a business, we had to find out our identity, our place in the world, sooner rather than later. You’ll probably know all about the challenges you face doing business in airsoft or paintball, and we’ve probably faced most of them, as growing pains. Not every decision we made turned out as we hoped it would, but every choice was made from the same core principle – providing the world of competitive airsoft with nothing but the best tools for the game.

  • One of the things we were simply unable to do right from the start was to offer you a way to include Monk Customs in your business.

    But, as the years progressed, our company matured, in its ambitions and in its capabilities. Nowadays, the design, production, marketing and further developments of Monk Customs products are completely in our hands – with a fully equipped and automated CNC-milling machine array at our disposal,

  • in-house content creation, and, most importantly, a dedicated team behind it all that have rightly earned their places in their respective fields. When we say “Monk Customs – by the players, for the players”, we really mean it!


    Our ambition for 2024, and for years to come, is to keep optimizing our in-house processes and further sharpening our focus on the product range. This enables us to, finally, offer you great margins on Monk Customs items, straight from our own production facility to you, and on to your customer!

    Here’s the scoop: by jumping on board and creating an account on our shiny new platform, you’ll get the inside track on competitive pricing for our top-notch products. Yep, that means you’ll have the edge to resell them at awesome margins, boosting your bottom line like never before.

  • What’s in it for you on our new platform?


    • Sizzling Deals: Get access to killer prices, ensuring profit margins up to 40%!

    • No MOQs: We want to make Monk Customs accessible to everyone.

    • Super Easy Ordering: We’ve made it as smooth as butter. Seriously, it’s that easy.

    • Customized Products: The ultimate service you can provide to your customers: customized colors for most of the products!
    • Branding Opportunities: Wanna talk about your brand on Monk Customs stuff? We hear you!
    • Rockstar Support: Need a hand? Our team’s got your back every step of the way.